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Built by a Community that


From the beginning, the mission has been to provide quality therapeutic services designed to empower children with special needs. On June 14th, 1950 the officers for the first Board of Directors were elected 


Together President; Mr. Henry Bone, Exe. Director; Susan Norrell and the first therapist Jeanne Knight would work to create revolutionary therapeutic programs to treat children with polio, cerebral palsy, spina-bifida, muscular dystrophy, burns, amputations and more. 

Physiotherapy therapy was provided to children, four days a week, in the old Fairview School building on North Woods Street in Sherman, Texas. The first clinic was held on January 2, 1951, 53 children attended from Grayson County attended. The program soon outgrew the school building and relocated to a two room house at 903 South Walnut Street. 

 Our facility is a reminder of what a community can do when they come together.

The property TRC now calls home at 1216 Hillcrest drive was donated to by Wilson N. Jones Hospital. And, in 1960 through donations from local businesses and organizations our facility was built. A groundbreaking ceremony for the state of the art building made headlines.

In September 1971, the Center became part of the National Easter Seal Society of Crippled Children and Adults

1966 Grayson County Society for Crippled

The Center has gone through many changes over the years including an expansion in 1998, renovations, and a name change in 2000 to The Rehabilitation Center: Therapeutic Solutions for Children and adults. But our mission remains the same as 70 years ago. To help every patient achieve maximum independence so they can experience the same opportunities and quality of life as others.

Our Board of Directors along with our dedicated staff continue the TRC legacy of providing our community with quality, compassionate therapy services.  

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TRC is always looking for great leaders to join our board. If you are interested, you can request information here.

Hazel Norell Executive Director 1950-197

In 1950, three community members passionately devoted to serving children with special needs came together to form the Grayson County Crippled Children's Society. What started as a small program based in an old school building is now The Rehabilitation Center (TRC), the only Non-Profit comprehensive adult and pediatric therapy center in Grayson County, providing over 8,000 treatments every year.


We Need Your Help to Continue the Mission

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